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Open MRI of Nassau is conveniently located in Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza on Shirley Street,  just minutes from Princess Margaret and Doctors' Hospitals. There is ample parking.


Our open MRI machine is comfortable and quiet without compromising accuracy. The open architecture of our high resolution, mid-field scanner will accommodate even the most claustrophobic patient without the need for sedation, and will comfortably accommodate patients weighing up to 500 lbs.


Once the pictures are taken they will be interpreted by a board-certified, fellowship trained radiologist, a specialist in diagnostic MRI. 












Your physician will receive a comprehensive report of the examination within 24 hours. 


Furthermore, our state-of-the-art center utilizes a private, on-line network to allow your physician access to your images and report any time of the day or night.  This network is encrypted and password protected for your privacy. 


At Open MRI of Nassau we provide Magnetic Resonance Imaging of unparalleled quality and service.

Open MRI of The Bahamas is a state-of-the art MRI imaging facility and the Bahamas' only open MRI. We offer same day scheduling and your doctor will receive a report within 24 hours of exam completion. 


Our physician and technologists combined experience represents decades of specialization in MRI.  The open architecture of our high resolution mid-field scanner will accommodate even the most claustrophobic patient without the need for sedation and will comfortably accommodate patients weighing up to 500 lbs. 







Most MRI examinations are completed within 30 minutes, depending on the type of information needed by your physician. During the MRI examination patients will be lying comfortably on their back. Patients will need to remain as relaxed and as motionless as possible during the imaging examination. MRI imaging is very sensitive to motion as in photography, motion will blur your images. The scanning process does not cause any pain you will hear a mild knocking noise as the MRI machine takes its pictures. A trained MRI technologist will perform your exam and will always be available during the procedure.


Preparation is not required for most MRI examinations. Patients may feel more comfortable wearing their own clothing that is free of metallic objects. If not we will provide comfortable metallic free clothing for your MRI examination. You will be asked to remove all metallic objects from your person before entering the MRI examination room. Some examples are hearing aids, keys, coins, jewelry, glasses, credit cards, hair pins or other metal objects that can affect the MRI. You may also be asked to remove your dentures if applicable. You will personally lock your belongings and retain the key during your imaging procedure.





Certain individuals should consult their physician prior to scheduling an MRI. These patients are persons who have had brain, ear, or eye surgeries and anyone with the following:


  • Implanted Defibrillators

  • Metal Implants

  • Neurostimulator (TENS unit)

  • Pacemaker

  • Aneurysm clips

  • Cochlear implants

  • Biostimulator

  • Mechanical heart valves

  • Insulin pump

  • Copper IUD

  • Surgical staples

  • Biomedical implants

  • Vascular clips

  • Shrapnel or bullet fragments

  • Transdermal patch

  • Severe anemia

  • Severe claustrophobia


    MRI is free of ionizing radiation and very safe. With a few precautionary steps we will insure our patients their most comfortable and safest MRI experience.